Jim Jermanok Film Producing Workshop in Providence Feb 21

Jim Jermanok

Film Producing and Financing Workshop with former ICM Agent-turned Filmmaker and Author JIM JERMANOK   For the first time in Rhode Island, Jim Jermanok will present SUCCESSFUL FILM PRODUCING & FINANCING: a no-fluff, nuts-and-bolts, bottom line experience specifically designed to empower and change lives for the working and aspiring film/TV/ new media/theater producer. Mr. … Continue reading

Christopher Doyle’s indie doc “Hong Kong Trilogy”


Now featured on Kickstarter, HONG KONG TRILOGY (“Preschooled,” “Preoccupied,” and “Preposterous”) is a trio of short documentary films made by cinematographer Christopher Doyle, a Hong Kong British filmmaker whose filmography includes HK director Wong Kar Wai’s classic “Chungking Express.” According to Doyle, the Umbrella Movement galvanized his enthusiasm for this … Continue reading

Two Short Indie Films from Audrey Noone

Full Cast

2014 was a busy year for Lowell, Massachusetts-based actress Audrey Noone. Besides appearing in eight episodes of Seth Chitwood’s “Family Problems” webseries (which won the Outstanding Drama award at the 2014 LA Web Series Festival), she had roles in four short indie films, including Chris Esper’s “Steak Knives.” She has been cast in “Lilia of the Valley,” another short currently in preproduction. In addition, she has written, directed, and produced two short films. Noone also appears in both films. Continue reading

Blood! Sugar! Sid! Ace! (2012) by Mike Messier

Mike Messier with cast and crew members -- image source: Stand Still Pictures

“I am not a prophet. I’m a filmmaker!” Like a stage play written for a small ensemble cast, Mike Messier’s “Blood! Sugar! Sid! Ace!” (2012) is replete with such throwaway lines as the one featured above. Produced by Man and a Camera Films in association with Stand Still Pictures, the … Continue reading

STEAK KNIVES: New Short Is Evidence of Esper’s Potential

STEAK KNIVES director Chris Esper in Hollywood

Chris Esper is one of the up-and-coming indie directors whose work has been reviewed several times in this blog. A graduate of New England Institute of Technology with a Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Recording Arts, he has worked with others the indie film community in the environs of Providence, Rhode Island. … Continue reading

COMIC BOOK PALACE – an indie doc by Felipe Jorge

Banner for "The Comic Book Palace" (2013)

Documentary films can show us a slice of life that we would otherwise not notice. Filmmakers who work in the documentary genre often find a world that exists under our very noses, one that we overlook out of ignorance or lack of interest. Good documentaries will take such a world … Continue reading