STEAK KNIVES: New Short Is Evidence of Esper’s Potential

STEAK KNIVES director Chris Esper in Hollywood

Chris Esper is one of the up-and-coming indie directors whose work has been reviewed several times in this blog. A graduate of New England Institute of Technology with a Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Recording Arts, he has worked with others the indie film community in the environs of Providence, Rhode Island. … Continue reading

COMIC BOOK PALACE – an indie doc by Felipe Jorge

Banner for "The Comic Book Palace" (2013)

Documentary films can show us a slice of life that we would otherwise not notice. Filmmakers who work in the documentary genre often find a world that exists under our very noses, one that we overlook out of ignorance or lack of interest. Good documentaries will take such a world … Continue reading

Jump-Starting My Blogs While Teaching

gives a test

Why I Need to Jump-Start My Blogs Readers might have noticed recently that new posts have been slow to appear on the Loud Green Bird blog and its sister site, Frisco Kid’s Tumblr. This change happened because the summer officially ended for Frisco Kid (me) about a week before the … Continue reading