Blood! Sugar! Sid! Ace! (2012) by Mike Messier

Mike Messier with cast and crew members -- image source: Stand Still Pictures

“I am not a prophet. I’m a filmmaker!” Like a stage play written for a small ensemble cast, Mike Messier’s “Blood! Sugar! Sid! Ace!” (2012) is replete with such throwaway lines as the one featured above. Produced by Man and a Camera Films in association with Stand Still Pictures, the … Continue reading

STEAK KNIVES: New Short Is Evidence of Esper’s Potential

STEAK KNIVES director Chris Esper in Hollywood

Chris Esper is one of the up-and-coming indie directors whose work has been reviewed several times in this blog. A graduate of New England Institute of Technology with a Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Recording Arts, he has worked with others the indie film community in the environs of Providence, Rhode Island. … Continue reading

COMIC BOOK PALACE – an indie doc by Felipe Jorge

Banner for "The Comic Book Palace" (2013)

Documentary films can show us a slice of life that we would otherwise not notice. Filmmakers who work in the documentary genre often find a world that exists under our very noses, one that we overlook out of ignorance or lack of interest. Good documentaries will take such a world … Continue reading