COMIC BOOK PALACE – an indie doc by Felipe Jorge

Banner for "The Comic Book Palace" (2013)

Documentary films can show us a slice of life that we would otherwise not notice. Filmmakers who work in the documentary genre often find a world that exists under our very noses, one that we overlook out of ignorance or lack of interest. Good documentaries will take such a world … Continue reading

EL TOPO (1970) – Part 1

Alexandro Jodorowsky as a younger man

“El Topo (The Mole)” Background: EL TOPO writer-director-star Alejandro Jodorowsky (abstracted from Wikipedia)   Prior to making “El Topo,” the now-classic cult film often described as both an “acid Western” and the first “midnight movie,” writer-director Alejandro Jodorowsky had already been extraordinarily productive in several different art forms. Many of … Continue reading

Think Ten Media Group Wraps SOLITARY Pilot

The Boys behind the camera: 1st AC Brett Roberts (right) reacts, as DP Daniel Cotroneo (center) and Director Ramon Hamilton (left) look on

Think Ten Media Group wrapped production of its SOLITARY web series pilot at the end of last week. The final day of shooting was absolutely the most intense one for both cast and crew. Although they filmed only one scene, the final slate board was 12Q: 16 different shots/angles for … Continue reading

The Declaration of Independent Filmmaking

Still from Polish brothers' NORTHFORK (2003)

Although The Declaration of Independent Filmmaking (2005) has been available for almost ten years, its worth has not diminished over the course of that period. It is valuable as the story of how the Polish brothers (its authors, along with Jonathan Sheldon) started their careers as indie filmmakers. It is also … Continue reading