EXTRACTED (2012) Review

Poster for EXTRACTED (2012)

Frisco Kid’s Review: Extracted (2012) Intro Here’s the concept behind director Nir Paniry’s 2012 indie science-fiction release, Extracted. What if a scientist invented a device that allowed people to visit their own memories? Not merely recalling them, but experiencing them as a third-party observer? Now, what if that tech were used … Continue reading

CRAWL OR DIE Film Release Soon


On August 12, 2014, Uncork’d Entertainment and Vertical Entertainment are releasing Oklahoma Ward’s latest film, the horror/sci-fi thriller CRAWL OR DIE, in the USA and Canada. This distribution follows a release in Japan, where the film was titled ALIEN CRAWL. Japanese critics called it “the most CLAUSTROPHOBIC movie ever made!” … Continue reading

Jodorowsky – DANCE OF REALITY (2013)

Alejandro Jodorowsky

Jodorowsky Intro La Danza de la Realidad (English title: The Dance of Reality) marks Alejandro Jodorowsky’s return to feature-film directing after a long hiatus. Twenty-three years passed between the release of his last cinematic effort, The Rainbow Thief (1990), and this film. Dance of Reality premiered at Cannes in 2013 and … Continue reading

Trailer Released for New Comedy Webseries, “A Guy Going Crazy’


The Season 1 trailer for “A Guy Going Crazy,” a forthcoming new comedy webseries, launched tonight at 7 PM EST. Frisco Kid recently gave the first three episodes a positive review. Created by Rich Camp and directed by Chris Esper, it’s highly recommended. For updates, follow the series on its … Continue reading

Frisco Kid returns to the blogosphere (such as it is) . . .

Frisco Kid

. . . after more than a week off — spent in beautiful and vibrant Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Contrary to my hopes (but not to my expectations), I was not able to post while away. It was not because of a tech fail. Even though I had planned on … Continue reading

Frisco Kid Interviews Elliott Armstrong of INFLICTION (2013)

Infliction Poster No Credits

Frisco Kid interviews Elliott Armstrong, who plays Kenny Stiles, the younger of two brothers who document their killing spree on video in the horror/thriller, POV feature INFLICTION (2013), which is now available on DVD/VOD. Elliott talks about making the film with co-star Jason Mac (see my interview with him here) … Continue reading

Frisco Kid Interviews INFLICTION (2013) Leading Actor, Jason Mac

Infliction Poster No Credits

Check out my second audio interview on Soundcloud. This one is with Jason Mac, one of the two leading actors in Jack Thomas Smith’s “Infliction” (2013). I interviewed Jason one day prior to the DVD/VOD launch of “Infliction” on July 1 of this year. More information about Jason is available … Continue reading

Frisco Kid Interviews “Infliction” (2014) Writer-Director-Producer Jack Thomas Smith

Infliction Poster No Credits

I interviewed Jack Thomas Smith, the writer-director-producer of indie horror films, via telephone two weeks ago, before the July 1 DVD/VOD launch of his latest POV, serial murder, horror-thriller feature, “Infliction” (2014). Smith first talks about his childhood experiences with writing and making movies, then discusses the beginnings of his … Continue reading

“Absentia” (2011): Indie Horror Done Right

Poster for ABSENTIA (2011)

  In a recent “Bodacious Horror Podcast” from Gil & Roscoe, the discussion of “Oculus” (2014 — see my review here) delves into the filmography of writer-director Mike Flanagan and centers for a while on his previous, independent, partially Kickstarter-funded “Absentia” (2011). Since I had a generally positive reaction to “Oculus,” I decided … Continue reading